Place Lucky 5 Plants in-home, get wealth and prosperity.

5 Favorite Lucky Plants Of Lord Shiva
5 Favorite Lucky Plants Of Lord Shiva


➤ Tulsi to Banana, 5 plants bring wealth,  prosperity, and positive energy into your house.

➤ In pursuance to Vastu, to get the full benefit of anything plant it in the right direction.

The month of Sawan looks very pleasant during the rainy season. The month of Sawan is very holy in respect of good fortune and also from an environmental nature. According to Hindu mythology, this month is considered very pious and excellent to get the blessings of Lord Shiva as it is related to him. This year Sawan month starts on the 14th of July and ends on the 12th of August.

According to religious recognition and Hindu Vedas, Puranas, and Vastu viewpoint plantation of Tulsi plant in the northeast corner of the home gives positive energy and there is no lack of grains and wealth.

But apart from Tulsi, do you know that there are some plants that are auspicious and beneficial to plant in Sawan month. These plants are the favorite of Lord Shiva. Planting these plants in the right direction in the house during the month of Sawan gives the grace and blessings of Lord Shiva and brings happiness and prosperity along with positive energy to the house.

From this article, let us know which are the Favorite Plants of Lord Shiva, and which must be planted in the house to get the blessings of Bhagwan Shiva.

Dhatura Plant

5 Favorite Lucky Plants Of Lord Shiva

According to the scriptures, Lord Shiva resides in the Datura tree. Its blue flowers are dear to Bholebhandari. Planting a black datura plant in the house is believed auspicious. It is best to plant it on any Tuesday or Sunday in Sawan. By planting the Datura plant, negative forces do not wander around the house. It is believed that keeping the root of datura in the house does not allow snakes to enter the house as well as this plant increases wealth in the home. Due to the plantation of this, the grace of Lord Shiva always keeps maintained.

Shami Plant

5 Favorite Lucky Plants Of Lord Shiva

According to mythological beliefs and Vastu, planting the Shami plant in the house is believed very auspicious. It is trusted that by offering Shami's letters to Lord Bholenath, there is an increase in good fortune as well as happiness and peace stay in the home. In Sawan, it is beneficial to place it on the main gate of the house on the left side or in the north direction on Saturdays. Worshiping the Shami plant regularly also removes Shani Dosha. Shami plant is related to Saturday and Shani Dev. Also, by planting the Shami plant in the house it keeps positive energy remains.

According to beliefs, It is also said that if Tulsi and Shami plants are propagated together, then their benefits multiply.

Champa Plant

5 Favorite Lucky Plants Of Lord Shiva

According to Vastu, planting the Champa plant in the house in Sawan brings luck. The Champa plant is considered a symbol of good fortune. This plant is also highly useful for the home. It should be planted in the northwest direction of the house. It is advisable to plant Champa saplings to avoid home troubles. At the same time along with this plant, Lord Shiva’s blessings keep remaining.

Bilva Tree (Bel Patra)

5 Favorite Lucky Plants Of Lord Shiva

Bilva Patra i.e. Bel Patra is always used in the worship of Lord Bholenath. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi resides in the Bilva tree. According to the Puranas, the place where the Belpatra plant is planted is considered as holy as Kashi. Having a Bel Patra plant in the house ends the effects of bad karma, as well as the upper air (evil powers), which does not affect the house. In the month of Sawan, the person who plants a bael plant and worships it, along with Lord Shiva, the blessings of Mother Lakshmi also remain.

Banana plant

5 Favorite Lucky Plants Of Lord Shiva

According to astrology, the banana plant removes the negative energy from the house. It is very auspicious to plant a banana tree on Ekadashi tithi (date) or Thursday in the month of Sawan. By planting this plant in the house, Lord Shiva gets blessings along with Lord Vishnu. If you cannot plant it in the house due to lack of space, then definitely plant it around.  By pouring water into the banana tree daily, happiness comes in married life. According to belief, It is considered that the Tulsi and the Banana plants should not be planted together.

But apart from these plants, there are some more plants of flowers that are auspicious to plant in Sawan and they are very dear to Lord Shiva, such as Bela, Kaner, Juhi, Linseed, and Harsingar flower.

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