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Beautiful Tourist Places In India

Beautiful Tourist Places In India

India is undoubtedly a beautiful country & it's consistently ranked as one of the best countries to travel in a budget. In India, there are so many cities which can make your idea of taking a trip even much better & inexpensive. The farther you go; you can discover more beauty topped with utter serenity and get peace of mind. Actually, some places in India have a spiritual aura, whereas some are so warm with hospitality that it melts one’s heart. In fact, India is a land which must be explored to the fullest.

India is full of excitements for travelers. There are a number of places, monuments, cultures & things to do on your holidays. Since the country is vast, so below we list down the most amazing & Beautiful Indian places to plan a holiday with your family or friends that can make this possible for you.

Kashmir: Heaven on Earth

Kashmir: Heaven on Earth

Kashmir Valley is well known as “Heaven on Earth”. It's the northernmost state of India. Kashmir is famous for its majestic beauty in the world. The valley of Kashmir has numerous important tourist places namely Jammu, Srinagar, Gulmarg, and Pahalgam. Jammu is very famed for the pilgrimage tour to the temple of Vaishno Devi & is not only spiritually valuable but as well popular for its natural splendor. Amarnath is another shrine which is a really famous pilgrimage location among Indians, offering amazing views of Mt. Kailash & other Himalayan snow peaks along the trek route.

Best Time to Visit: October to May



The hills are a very beautiful place to spend the vacations. The people are very much excited to go to hilly areas in holidays. The hill station in the Western Ghats, Munnar is a fantastic place for family vacations & also famous for its natural beauty. The children will like to wander around tea plantations & understand the process of tea extraction. The pleasurable climate is one of the amongst factors to take the kids along. The mountain air is cleaner & so much fresher than choked up cities. For adventure, take children for soft trekking on hills or go & visit wild sanctuaries around Munnar. Be sure you go to the tea museum with the kids, to understand the process involved with blending tea. You can do a lot of things with children such as trekking, boating, elephant rides, paragliding, tea plantation tour, museum visits, etc.

Best Time to Visit: September to May

Jaipur: Pink City

Jaipur: Pink City

The Jaipur is a major tourist destination in India & part of the Golden Triangle tourist circuit. Jaipur is also served as a gateway to other popular tourist destination in Rajasthan such as Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Udaipur. Jaipur is really a fun-filled holiday destination, visiting with family or friends is surely a great idea. Jaipur is also renowned as of the name of the “Pink City” which is filled with history, culture & exciting experiences. The city is a learning background, as ancient structures spark their imagination & love for history. There is always a bundle of interesting things to do for kids of all ages. Additionally, there are special places where you could paint the gentle beasts. Teenagers will see the astronomical instruments at Jantar Mantar absolutely fascinating. The Jaipur Zoo is also an enjoyable place. For a village fair sort of experience, visit the Chokhi Dhani & have fun with riding on elephants or camels. Jal Mahal,  Amer Fort, Hawa  Mahal, Albert Hall Museum, Govind Dev Ji Temple, Central Park, Moti Doongri Ganesh Temple etc. are also tourist attraction places in Jaipur. The city also is known for its Sweets called Ghevar and Mawa Kachori.

Best Time to Visit: September to March



The Andaman Islands offer amazing, relaxing & enjoyable holidays in India. When you are in the Andaman you will realize that it's truly a gem destination. The island archipelago has lovely golden shores, clear skies, blue waters, & lots of thrilling activities. People love the tropical climate, the abundance of water & adventures. People enjoy playing on the beach with kids and do take snorkeling, swimming with elephants and to watch the multihued corals on a glass bottom boat. Take up an intermission from fun with interactive history lessons in Port Blair where you can teach them India's battle for freedom. Go island hopping for more entertainment where you could have a view of the active volcano in India at the Barren Island, a colony of birds and tropical rainforests.

Best time to visit: September to March

Jodhpur: Blue City

Jodhpur: Blue City

Jodhpur in Rajasthan may fascinate images of history.  Jodhpur which is also known as the “Blue City” offers the unreliable experience of the desert, an authentic village of Marwar, walking tours of the city. The sights of the city are filled with story. The mighty Mehrangarh Fort is very fairly interesting to discover. Take the children trip to the Bishnoi community, where kids can understand the easy way of life. Camel Safari, Black Buck & Deer Spotting, spotting the migratory birds, visit the Pottery & Block Print artisans are another well-known attractions.

Best time to visit: October to March

Wonderful Health Benefits Of Black Tea

In the world, Black tea is one of the very most beloved drinks apart from water and 70-80% of people are consuming it. If you really wish to stay fit then start your day with a cup of black tea. A cup of black tea can relax you, help your heart and even increase your bone density, lower risk of diabetes & help in weight loss. Black tea is certainly one of the most popular teas and is well-known because of its antibacterial and antioxidant qualities. So you have every reason to love your cup of black tea!

Black tea is simply like green tea which is plucked from a plant called Camellia sinensis. The leaves of black tea soak in such a way that it can give a dark color when used as a beverage. Also, the leaves are mature dry and processed such that it has a darkish color. The flavor of black tea is very strong and contains more caffeine than other teas, however less caffeine than coffee.

Black Tea List of Popular Blends

🔺 Blends
🔺 Earl Grey Black Tea
🔺 English Breakfast
🔺 Irish Breakfast
🔺 Chai Tea
🔺 Afternoon Tea
🔺 Rose Black Tea
🔺 Russian Caravan

Black Tea List According To Production Region

Here is a listing of black tea types based on productivity.

⧫ Lapsang Souchong
⧫ Fujian Minhong
⧫ Anhui Keemun
⧫ Yunnan Dianhong
 Darjeeling Black Tea
⧫ Assam Black Tea
⧫ Ceylon Black Tea
⧫ Nilgiri Black Tea
⧫ Kenyan Black Tea

माँ लक्ष्मी की होगी कृपा, दीपावली की रात यहाँ जलाएं दीपक

Diwali 2023: माँ लक्ष्मी की होगी कृपा, दीपावली की रात यहाँ जलाएं दीपक

दीपों का उत्सव आरंभ होते ही घर-घर में दीप झिलमिलाने लगते हैं।बुराई पर अच्छाई के प्रतीक दिवाली पर्व के लिए घरों में बहुत उमंग के साथ तैयारियां की जाती हैं। दीपावली की रात देवी महालक्ष्मी पृथ्वी पर भ्रमण करती हैं। इसीलिए इस रात में माता लक्ष्मी को प्रसन्न करने के लिए कई उपाय किए जाते हैं। पुराने समय से परंपरा चली रही है कि दीपावली की रात में कुछ खास स्थानों पर दीपक जलाने  से देवी लक्ष्मी की विशेष कृपा प्राप्त होती है। यहां जानिए कि आप दिवाली वाली रात पर कहां-कहां दिए जलाएं, जिससे कि आप पर माँ लक्ष्मी और भगवान गणेश जी की कृपा हमेशा बनी रहे।

1. सबसे पहले घर के पूजन स्थल में जहां लक्ष्मी का मुख्य पूजन करें, वहां पर दीपक जरूर लगाएं, जो पूरी रात बुझना नहीं चाहिए। उसके बाद घर को तेल के दीपक से सजाएं।

2. घर के तुलसी चौरे में दीपक लगाएं। यहां दीपावली के अलावा भी हर दिन दीपक लगाना चाहिए।

3. धन की कामना पूरी हो, इसके लिए अपने घर के मुख्य दरवाजे के बाहर दोनों तरफ दीपक अवश्य लगाएं।

4. घर के आंगन में घी का दीपक रखना चाहिए।

5. हमारे घर के आस-पास वाले चौराहे पर भी दीपक जलाकर रखना चाहिए। ऐसा करने से घर की दरिद्रता दूर होती है। 

6. एक दीपक वहां लगाएं जहां पीने के पानी रखा जाता है।

7. घर की गृहणियां भी रसोई में घी का दीपक  जलाएं, ऐसा करने से घर में कभी भी अन्न की कमी नहीं होती है।

8. अपने घर की मुंडेर, दहलीज, खिड़की, बाथरूम, छत पर, दरवाजे, पर दीपक लगाने के साथ ही एक दीपक पड़ोसी के घर में भी शुभ शगुन का रखना चाहिए।

9. घर के आस-पास स्थित मंदिर में भी एक दिया लगाएं। इससे सभी देवी-देवताओं की कृपा मिलती है और परेशानियों से मुक्ति मानसिक शांति मिलती है।

10. बेलपत्र के पेड़ के नीचे दिया लगाने से भगवान शिव प्रसन्न होते हैं। उनकी कृपा से आर्थिक के अलावा व्यक्ति के जीवन में आने वाली अन्य तरह की परेशानियां दूर होती हैं।

11. दीपावली की रात्रि पीपल के पेड़ के नीचे दीपक जलाने से देवी लक्ष्मी प्रसन्न होती है। मगर, ध्यान रखें कि दिया लगाने के बाद उसे पीछे मुड़कर देखना नहीं है। यह उपाय दिवाली वाली रात में करना है।

12. घर के पास कोई नदी या तालब हो तो बहा पर रात के समय दीपक अवश्य लगाएं। इस से दोषो से मुक्ति मिलती है।

आइये इस दिवाली यानी 12 नवंबर 2023 अपने घर को दिये से सजाएं और माँ लक्ष्मी की कृपा पायें। हमारी तरफ दिवाली की बहुत बहुत शुभकामनायें, माता लक्ष्मी और गणेश जी की कृपा आप सभी पाठकों पर सदैव बनी रहें।

Diwali 2023: माँ लक्ष्मी की होगी कृपा, दीपावली की रात यहाँ जलाएं दीपक

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