Quick Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand is an authentic and traditional Indian dessert of Gujarat and Maharashtra which is made with hung curd & flavored with saffron and cardamom. This chilled & creamy Shrikhand along with hot puris make a delicious meal any time of the year.


Shrikhand is a delicious & traditional dessert, prepared from yogurt and popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is so amazing how the yogurt transforms into a mouth-watering dessert in just some easy steps. Today, I am sharing the very easiest & best way of making Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand using fresh curd, cardamom powder, saffron, sugar and dry fruits at home.

Shrikhand is a dessert has become a part of every festival and is even made at home. This chilled and creamy shrikhand along with hot puris make a delicious meal any time of the year. Or you can also try it on any festival or any special occasion. If you want to know the recipe of making Shrikhand, then I would like to tell you that the taste of our recipe of Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand will definitely win your heart because it is so delicious.

Friends, now enjoy and learn how to make Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand, the thick and creamy dessert with a detailed step-by-step recipe.

 Recipe Cuisine: Dessert

Serve: 2-4

Meal Type: Veg

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Curd – 500 grams (2.5 cups, should not be sour)
Powdered sugar – ¼ cup or as per taste
Milk or water – ½ - 2 tbsp.
Green cardamom – 2 to 4
Almonds – 4 to 6
Pistachios – 6 to 7
Saffron strands – 6 to 8


Take 1/2 tbsp warm milk in a small bowl along with saffron strands. Stir and keep aside for 5 to 6 minutes.
Thinly slice the almonds and pistachios.
Using a mortar pestle crush the green cardamom seeds into a fine powder.


1. Firstly take a clean muslin cloth. Put the strainer on a bowl and then place the cloth on the strainer.

2. Now pour the curd on the cloth attached to the sieve.

3. After this, gather the cloth from all sides and tie it tightly. Then gently press the curd and squeeze out all the water from the curd.  You will see the whey dripping.

4. Now hang the cloth for 2-3 hours so that the excess water drains out. If you have a hook then you can also hang the curd cloth in the fridge for 4 to 5 hours.

5. Keep a deep bowl below, so that there is some distance between the curd in the strainer and the collected whey. If there is no distance then the whey will touch the strainer as well as the curd and then there will be some whey in the curd.

6. After 4-5 hours the whey will be drained and the hung curd will be ready.

7. Now remove the cloth from the refrigerator. With the hung curd, you can now proceed to make the shrikhand.

8. Take the hung curd or chakka in a bowl. Add sugar and mix well using a whisk.

9. After that add cardamom powder, saffron milk and half amount of almonds and pistachios to the curd and mix everything really well. Now Shrikhand is ready.

10. Pour the shrikhand into a serving bowl, garnish this tempting shrikhand with some sliced almond and pistachio slivers and refrigerate for at least an hour before serving.

11. Serve chilled.


It's a low-fat dessert and is loved by people those who do not prefer oil and ghee.
There are so many ways to flavor this yogurt dish, such as Kesar Shrikhand, Mango Shrikhand or Amrakhand, Elaichi shrikhand, Kesar cardamom Shrikhand, Pista cardamom shrikhand, Rose shrikhand, Strawberry shrikhand or there might be many more which I haven’t come across yet.
If you want to serve it in a new style then use pipe cone for innovation.
This dessert can also prepare in any Hindu festival such as Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Navratri, Diwali and so on.

Friends, Here I am sharing the video tutorial of Nisha Madhulika.

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