This is often a Rajasthani delicacy ready throughout Teej & Rakhi celebration/Festival..... The First time is a bit troublesome however once we tend to attempt... it is easy and fast to arrange.

Recipe of Malai Ghevar

This is often a Rajasthani delicacy ready throughout Teej & Rakhi Festival.....The First time is a bit troublesome however once we tend to attempt... it is easy and fast to arrange.


Refined Flour 1 1/4 cups
Sugar 1/4 cup
Corn flour/ corn starch 1 teaspoon
Sugar 1 cup
Milk 1 tablespoon
Kewra essence few drops
Soda bicarbonate as required
Ghee to deep fry
Silver warq as required
Almonds 8-9 crushed coarsely
Elaichi 3 pieces for decoration


Step 1
Mix along with the flour, cornflour and softened ghee in a bowl. Put one cup of water in a thin stream and whisk consistently in order that all the ingredients mix well, and therefore the clarified ghee and water emulsify into a smooth blend and don't separate.

Step 2
Add two more cups of water in a thin stream and whisk continuously to ensure again that the ghee and water don't separate. The batter ought to be of coating consistency.  If necessary, add some more water to get the right consistency.

Step 3
Keep carefully the batter in a cool place far from the heat, but not in a refrigerator.

Step 4
In a non-stick pan, cook the sugar with half a cup of water, stirring till the sugar dissolves. Include the milk. Gather the scum which rises to the surface with a ladle and discard. Cook till the syrup attains a one-string consistency. Mix in the screw pine essence. Remove from heat and keep warm.

Step 5
Put adequate ghee in a non-stick kadai and place a three-and-a half-inch circular or circle2-inch high shape in the middle, to ensure that three-fourth of the tallness is immersed in the ghee. Heat the ghee on medium heat.

Step 6
Pour three ladleful's of the batter into a little bowl, include a squeeze of soda bicarbonate and blend well.

Step 7
At the point when the ghee is sufficiently hot, pour one spoon of batter into the centre of the mold in a very skinny (thin) stream.

Step 8
At the point when the foam settles down, pour in another spoon of hitter into the form in a thin stream.

Step 9
Once the froth settles down, create a hole in the centre of the ghevar with a thin wooden skewer or satay stick and pour another ladleful of batter into the hole.

Step 10
Addition the glow and cook the ghevar, spooning the hot ghee over it a few times.

Step 11
At the point when the middle is firm and cooked/roast, gently pull out the ghevar from the mould with a wood skewer inserted in the inside. Hold it over the kadai until most of the drawn ghee drains away. Drench in the sugar syrup for twenty minutes. Drain and place on a platter. Design / Decorate with the silver foil and almonds. Cool and serve if required plain ghevar.

Step 12
After placing the ghevar on a platter, pour rabri on top of ghevar & sprinkle the crushed almonds and elaichi powder.

You can get ready-made rabri or make it at home....

Rabri Method:
Take full cream milk. Add sugar and stir to dissolve it. Include cardamom powder, cut almonds, saffron strands and cut pistachio; blend well. Scrape small cream chunks collected on the side of pan into milk (this will make delicious small cream chunks in rabri ). Cook till it's thick, cool and pour on ghevar.

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