The fast of Ahoi Ashtami will be celebrated on October 31, 2018. This is done on the Ashtami day of the Krishna Paksha of the Kartik month. This fasting mother keeps her children for a long life.

Ahoi Ashtami is celebrated on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha of the Kartik month. As the festivities are observed on the ‘ashtami’ tithi, that is why it is called Ahoi Ashtami. Ahoi Mata (Ashtami) is performed after four days of Karva Chauth and 8 days before Deepawali. Karwa Chauth is done for the long life of the husband and Ahoi Ashtami is done for the prosperity and longevity of the children. It is said that the era of Deepawali that is Ahoi eight also falls in the same way. This fast is done by women who have children. Mother is a mother, she always prays for the children. The first assumption was that fasting is kept for only the sons. Previously it is believed that woman observe this fast for her sons but today, time is totally changed. Mothers those have girl child also do this fast for their daughters as a daughter also recognizes equal recognition for parents and this is good.  Ahoi Mata is condescending for the happiness and good fortune of her daughters. In this Puja, women draw or paste the image of Ahoi Mata on a wall& the picture of ‘Sei’ (hedgehog with its children) is drawn close to Goddess Ahoi. Seeing the stars at night, Mother wished to be the longevity of her son or daughter and then open the fast.

The lady who does not have a son should do this fast to become a mother. This fast will fulfill their desire to get a child. This fast is one of the biggest fasts in which the feeling of family welfare is hidden. By doing this fast, family happiness is achieved.

Procedure of Ahoi Ashtami Vrat

Mother’s observing this fast should wake up early, take bath and do worshiping with a wish of her child’s longevity and enriched life. And, they pray to Goddess Ahoi that- “O mother Ahoi, I am keeping this fast for my child’s growth, good luck and long life, so, please give me the energy to complete this fast”. As per a belief, observing this fast increases the longevity of child and bestow him with good health and happiness. Additionally, Goddess Parvati is a worshiped. Because of she also the protector of the child. For the worship of Ahoi Mata, a picture of Ahoi Mata is made from the ocher on the wall or if the image cannot be drawn then the wallpaper of Ahoi Ashtami can also be used. Also, a picture of ‘Sei’ and its children is drawn close to Goddess Ahoi. An earthen pot known as ‘karwa’ is filled with water and covered with a lid and kept near the place of worship. An untwisted red colored thread is wrapped around the karwa and a symbol of a swastika is drawn on the karwa. The burning diya along with radish, pua, singhara, sugarcane is also kept in front of Goddess Parvati. The actual puja of Ahoi Ashtami is performed during evening time, worship these pictures with roli, rice, and water. After the rituals, the women listen to the Ahoi Mata vrat katha. While listening to the story, some rice is taken in the hand.  Special food offerings are prepared that includes puri and 8 pooas. All these are offered to the Goddess and then given to mother-in-law or some elderly lady in the family and blessings are taken by touching their feet. This is known as Baina. The fast is ended after stars come out in the sky. Water and some food should be offered to the stars and then mothers should take the blessing from elders in the family. The water of ‘karwa’ is sprinkled in the whole house on the day of Diwali. 

There is also another procedure in Ahoi Puja, in some communities the devotees use Ahoi made from silver. This silver form is known as ‘Syau’ and is worshipped with milk, roli and akshata during the puja. After the puja, this ‘Syau’ is woven into a thread with two silver pearls and worn by women around their neck. Follow any procedure, kept the water in a karwa for worship.

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Ahoi Ashtami Fast Story

As per the story of Ahoi Ashtami, there lived a moneylender in some city. He had seven sons. Only seven days were left for Diwali’s arrival, so cleaning work was going own in the house. For this, his wife went near the river to bring some mud for painting the house. The place she was digging to get mud, had a den of a cub, nearby. One of the cubs was killed by the spade of a lady. Seeing this, the wife of moneylender got upset. Mournfully she went back home. By the curse of a cub, moneylender’s elder son died. Then his second son died, followed by the third one. Within a year’s time, all his children were dead.

The lady started living depressed because all her sons were dead. One day, while crying she narrated her story to the nearby living ladies, that she did not do the sin knowingly. Accidentally, cub child got killed by her. After which, all my seven sons died. Listening to this, an old lady in her neighborhood consoled her. And told her, “the repentance you have done has cleaned half of your sin.

On the day of Ahoi Ashtami, you should take the shelter of Goddess Parvati and draw the face of a cub and her children. Worship them and ask for apologies, this will be fruitful for you. By the God’s grace, your sin will be washed off.” Wife of a moneylender followed the words of that old lady and kept fast on Ashtami Tith of Krishna Paksh of Kartik Mas. Then, she worshiped Goddess Ahoi and followed this procedure every year. With time she conceived seven sons. From that time, the tradition of Ahoi fast began.

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