Kanya Pujan.....

Kanya Pujan

The nine days and nights of Navratri celebration is arriving at an end and each family is preparing up for Ashtami or Navmi Pujan. The eighth day of Navratri is praised as Ashtami and ninth day as Navmi, which likewise denotes the finishing of fasting period for devotees. On this day, people praise to Goddess Durga and perform Kanchake or Kanjak. 

Kanjak means young girls within the age of 9 years old and these young girls are worshiped. This puja is indicated as Kanjak Pujan or Kanya pujan (worshiping of a young girl or kid) and is celebrated either on Ashtami (the eighth day) or on Navmi (the ninth day) of Navratri. Some devotees also invited a little boy along with girls for Kanya Pujan.

On the eighth or ninth day of Navratri, devotees prepare tasty food for young girls.  Each family takes after their own particular tradition as some people do puja on Ashtami and some on Navami. On this day, devotees prepared  Halwa, Poori, and Chana which is tasty and most loved by KANJAK. Many individuals make Kadhi with pakodi, aloo sabji, sweet pumpkin sabji , kheer, and fruits also. On the eighth or ninth day of Navratri, when young girls come to your home, feed them with full love and faith considering that Goddess Durga herself has come to get food on your invitation with affection.

Individuals welcome young girls in their home. After that, they wash their feet, apply roli on their forehead and tie moli (a sacred thread) on their little hands. Perform the aarti of young girls, touch their feet and pray for their blessings. After those young girls are made to sit in a row and then devotees served Ashtami/Navmi Prasad to young girls. When they are finished eating and prepared to leave, people give gifts in the form of cash or toys to young girls.

Durga Ashtami / Navmi is the most blessed day of the year and people celebrate it with love & passion.

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