Celebrations Nav Durga

Navratri Celebrations

Navratri celebrations take place with a lot of excitement in all parts of India. The days of Navratri are dedicated to Durga Maa. In the months of September-October festival, the maximum ritual consists of putting idols & images of Maa Durga in homes and temples. On the 10th day, the idol is immersed in water. Numerous other celebrations are also associated with Navratri festival.

Every region has celebrated the festival in various ways.

In North India,

Navratri celebrations are held with great splendor and show. States like Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand and Haryana celebrate the festival by keeping fast or vrat. During Navratri, devotees avoid nonvegetarian food, alcoholic drinks, grains and onion. In Navratri Pooja, Diya is lit, barley seeds are sown and religious rites are performed by devotees in the morning and evening.The celebration concludes on the 8th/9th day when traditional halwa, puri and chana are made. Little girls or Kanjak Devis are invited and worshipped as Goddess Durga.

In West India,

States of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Mumbai immerse themselves in Navratri celebration through Dandiya Rass and Garba. The state Governments has organized immense dance festivals in which people dance in a group for the entire 9 nights. The people of states awaken with the spirit of the dance. In Garba dance, men and women wear colorful costume and dance in a group. In Dandiya Rass, men and women dance with each other by clicking wooden sticks or dandiya. 

In East India,

In states of West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and Assam, the Navratri celebration is known as Durga Pooja. People celebrate this festival with great devotion. Beautifully crafted and life-size clay idols of Goddess Durga depicting her slaying the demon Mahishasura are set up. These idols are worshipped for 5 days, starting from Panchami. In Durga Pooja, the people of East India indulge themselves to delicious sweets and savories. Every day, people engorge upon a luxurious treat of food.

In South Indian,

States of Karnataka and Telangana, Navratri is celebrated with magnificent splendor and grandeur.In Mysore, the celebration became official throughout King Raja Wodeyar I’s reign in 1610. It coincides with Dushara celebration. On the ninth day of the festival, a procession of embellished elephants, camels and horses carrying a royal sword is worshipped. In Karnataka, Ayudh puja is central in this celebration.Anything that helps one earn livelihood and living is worshipped. Books, pen, computers, plough, agricultural tools, machinery, cars/buses/trucks are all decorated and worshipped. In Telangana, Navratri is known & celebrated as Bathukamma festival. In this festival Three Goddesses Goddess Kali, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati are worshipped by the people for nine days.


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