Want to lose 4 kg weight in 1 week naturally? Drink barley water to get a flat tummy.

How Sara Ali Khan Lose Her Weight Using Barley Water?


At the present time, many people whether they are celebrities like Sara Ali Khan, Sonam Kapoor,  Sakshi Sinha, or any normal person, everyone are much conscious about their health. Today losing weight is an important battle for all health-conscious people. Due to very busy schedules and long working hours of work, it is very important to maintain a healthy body and mind. Strenuous exercises and changes in diet is not the only solution to obtaining a slim or trim figure for your body. There are so many other natural ways by which you can get a thin figure shaped body. One of the best options is Barley water.

Barley could be a good option for those people who want to lose weight. In India, it is also known as ‘Jau.’ Barley is a rich fiber grain that is highly beneficial to drain out extra weight from your body. Barley water helps in keeping the body hydrated. It contains many calories and there is very little fat found in it.

 7 Health Benefits of Barley Water

1. Barley's high fiber quality maintains the metabolism of the body.

2. Barley and its water is an abundant source of essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, copper, manganese, folate, and vitamin B complex. The antioxidants found in this water also contribute to health benefits.

3. Drinking without sugar Barley water can help in controlling blood sugar levels. The antioxidants present in barley water are helpful in improving diabetes results.

4. Consuming Barley water keeps the cholesterol level of your body down.

5. Barley water is also functioning as a diuretic. It is a natural remedy for urinary tract infections and also for kidney stones.

6. Barley water is helpful to improve the digestion system. Barley is rich in fiber which makes easy bowel movement and helps in reducing the weight.

7. Barley is filled with fiber. It is known to keep your stomach full and avoid extra eating and helps you in weight loss.

How to make barley water?

Barley water is a drink that is made from water cooked with barley. So friends here is a simple recipe to make homemade barley water.

Ingredients –

1 cup Pearl Barley

7-8 cups of Water

A spoon of Lemon or Orange Juice

1 tablespoon Honey or a small piece of Jaggery (optional),

Cinnamon stick

Root Ginger

Method – 

Boil the water along with the barley with a cinnamonstick and ginger until it turns soft.

 Let the pot simmer for at least 30 minutes and then let the water cook. 

 Strain the mixture.

 If you don't like it plain, then add other ingredients like lemon or orange juice, jaggery, or honey (optional) to flavor.

 Now, this barley water is ready to be consumed by you.

 You can also make this good amount and store the barley water in the refrigerator.

 Barley water once stored can last for a long period of time.

 You are recommended to consume it two or three times a day for better results.

 This water is best served cold.

Safety Tips-

Although barley water has lots of benefits, probably there are some risks also which have to be aware of. These are included below:

High fiber content-

Barley water’s high fiber content can be a good thing. But consuming too much might create some stomach problems such as loose motion or constipation.

Watch for added ingredients-

If you are using processed or packaged barley water, then always check the ingredients list to avoid artificial sweeteners.

Barley isn’t gluten-free-

If you have any kind of wheat allergy then avoid barley water. It could cause symptoms like indigestion, diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps, or sometimes even rashes.


Barley water is a drink that can give you a boost of vitamins, fiber, and minerals. It may also help improve your digestion, lower your cholesterol, and boost weight loss. Please try to only drink barley water in moderation. Getting too much can lead to some side effects also.

If you have any facing any kind of problems or any questions about whether barley water’s good for your diet or not then directly consult your doctor. 

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Sara ali khan

Sara ali khan

Sara ali khan

Sara ali khan

Sara ali khan

Sara ali khan

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