To build a relation and connecting with someone can be really amazing. Here are 8 tips which will help you to spice up your relationship and make a relationship happy, strong and last longer.

On one day evening, I saw a lovely and elderly pair holding each other's hands and walking along within a park. That image of long-lasting love and attachment touched my heart deeply. We make numerous efforts to survive this type of relationship. But a happy married life which lasts until the end depends on hard work and a very strong commitment. How can you end up your marriage sitting on the bench together, to take the divorce in a court?

“Happy marriages are based on a deep friendship, mutual respect and enjoyment of each others company.” –  John Gottman

Even if it is a relationship, without efforts, nothing becomes beautiful. The base of any relationship remains dependent on trust, whether it is friendship or love. The stronger the belief, the relationship will also be as strong. Everything is fine at the beginning of love, but as time passes, relationships at times start to the rift and sometimes after the daily fight, the matter reaches the breakup.

A relationship is considerably more than simply physical fascination and comparable or shared interests. After some time, we will, in general, overlook little things that are required to flavor up the relationship and keep it solid and sound. Little misconceptions may go to the degree of breakups. Making slight adjustments may enable connections to keep going longer. Here are a couple of tips to enable you to flavor up your relationship, and make it last more.

1. Trust each other:

The foundation of any relationship is based on trust. It helps to grow the relationship and with trust, we can also win the heart of someone. In any relation, it is important to trust your companion emotionally and physically. Never doubt them for their behavior nor even hurt each other's respect. It is not easy to trust again if it has broken once. But with time, find out the ways to reform the relationship and trust last longer.

2. Communicate with each other: 

If you have a fight or be away from each other or facing any problem in your relationship., keep the conversation going on forever and sort out the issues. Rather of being busy on your mobile all day, connect and communicate with your companion. Regardless of the small things of the day, do not tell, but talk about how was the day. Talk to your partner as much as possible, when your partner speaks and response, listen patiently.  Good and strong communication is necessary for maintaining a healthy and beautiful relationship. This will make communication between you better and you will be able to easily tell each other your concerns or problems.

3. Acceptance and Mutual Understanding:

No person is perfect. The base for a long-lasting relationship is to accept your partner unconditionally along with their flaws and specialty. This should be mutual and do not make this issue, then you can avoid dispute in the first place. The mutual understanding among the two people is the most important and important initiative. This is possible only when both try to adopt the qualities of your partner for a better understanding.

4. Be Honest:

For a healthy relationship always be truthful and honest with each other. Honesty produces trust. Some things hurt a relationship more than lies. A lie is a termite which gradually destroys the whole relationship. Hold the ear and never lie to the partner. Small misunderstandings might go to the extent of breakups. Remember the truth always shines disparately in thousands, irrespective of how bitter it is.  Explain your side instead of lying to the partner. Always be open and honest in a relationship. It decreases negativity and makes your relations stable.

5. Spend Time Together:

For a healthy and strong relation spend quality time together. Many times in today's busy life, we make such a mistake, due to which some precious moments of our life also do not co-exist. Take the time for each other. Talk to each other and listen to your partner. Go out together whether for shopping or for a simple dinner, watch movies together, cook together, make sure that spend as much time as possible with each other.

6. Leave the Ego:

Sometimes your relationships become more important than the Ego. This happens when you think that always things may not happen the way we expect every time. Do not increase any issues so much that it is not possible to solve the relation. In a relationship, we may have to conciliate on some things. Avoid saying anything in anger and think calmly, then talk again. This will save the relationships many a time.

7. Respect and admire:

Both should respect each other if you ever make a mistake, you should talk alone instead of telling or shouting in front of others. This will increase respect in the eyes of a spouse. If your partner does anything good then at that time you must surely praise him. Every person likes to hear two words of praise in life. A small signal like saying Thank you and Sorry makes your partner happy. This is a way to message that you respect and care about their emotions, opinions, and ideas. This helps the relationship stronger and healthier.

8.  Be supportive:

Only a supportive relationship can deal with personal demons and life disappointments. There are many ways to support your partner, including Emotional and Financial Support. Especially for the partner who leaves his family and enters into a new environment. When they’re upset and need to talk, listen to them and give emotional support. When your partner does something good, always praise them. The married couple should definitely have a habit of saving. You should avoid the wastage of money. When you are bound in relation then both of you should support each other in every way.

In order to have strong and stable relations with your companion, you should work together, whether it is home or shopping from the market. After all, a safe and sound relationship is an important factor for living a good life.  Then why are you waiting for? Apply the above tips and have a healthy, strong and happy relationship!!

I've just shared my ideas here. However, if you have any other tips for stable relations, then you are welcome to share your remarks and useful thoughts.

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