Cloves offer numerous health benefits, a few of including aiding in digestion, fighting against cold, cough & fever, protecting the night blindness, controlling headache, and preventing from acidity. Additionally, they contain anti-mutagenic and anti-microbial properties, along with fighting against oral diseases and headaches, while also displaying aphrodisiac properties.

Cloves or ‘laung‘in Hindi, really are a very common kind of spices which are extensively used for cooking and other purposes. But the clove oil for several decades has been popularly utilized in medicines as it is abundant with medicinal properties. Today very few people are aware of the medicinal and health benefits and uses of cloves and continue steadily to utilize them only as an added spice. 

So let's now explore the entire world of health benefits that cloves are filled with and gain the utmost benefits from this spice.

1. Cold:

Drink elixation (kaadha) of cloves or mix 2 drops of cloves oil with 25 to 30 gm. of sugar and consume, it cures cold.

Put the clove oil on the handkerchief & snorting it, or eat 2 cloves with the betel leaves (paan) for curing a cold.

Boil 3 cloves in 100 ml water. When boiling water remains half, add a pinch of salt and drink it, it removes coldness.

2. Fever:

Grind 1 clove and mix it in hot water and drink it 3 times daily. By this way, you will get relief from fever.

3. Dental diseases: 

Put cloves in the hollow place of teeth or applying clove oil is beneficial after worms in the tooth.

soak cotton in clove oil and put it under the painful teeth and let the saliva fall down.

Applying camphor (Kapur) powder in clove oil & put on painful teeth. It will relieve your pain.

Grind 5 cloves and squeeze a lemon juice & mix in it, after that rub this mixture on your teeth, it provides relief in a toothache or boils in 5 cloves 1 glass of water, it gets better after rinsing it three times a day.

4. Night blindness:

Grind 1 clove with goat milk and apply it in the eye like a kohl (surma), gradually removes Night blindness disease.

5. Dry & wet cough:

Keep two to three cloves in the mouth and sucking the cloves juice in the morning and evening.

Fry cloves in pure ghee and stored, it should suck in a dry cough. It provides relief in a dry cough.

Grind equally the cloves and pomegranate shell (chilka) then take one-fourth teaspoon with a half teaspoon of honey thrice a day, the cough gets cured.

6. Nausea and Vomiting in pregnancy:

Nausea problem can be relieved by repeated licking of cloves powder with honey. It should be licked twice in quantity of 120 gm. from 240 grams per day.

7. Preventing from Acidity:

Pour 2 cloves in half cup of boiling water. Then drink it after being little cold. Thus drinking this 3 times in a day will beneficial in stomach gas.

You can take powdered or roasted cloves with honey to get relief from gastric problems. 

8. Headache:

Grind the 6 gm. cloves with water and make its paste. Apply it on the forehead and get immediate relief from a headache.

Take the powder of 5 cloves and boil with 1 cup of water, when the quantity of water becomes half, then filter it and add sugar and drink this. A headache is cured by drinking it twice daily, in the evening & night while sleeping.

Apply clove oil on the head and forehead or put in the nostrils on either side of the nose. It removes a headache.

Make a paste of a few cloves and mix it with a dash of rock salt. Add this to a glass of milk. This mixture reduces headaches quickly and effectively.

Please note that all the available materials are provided for information and enlightenment of the readers only. I am requesting you to contact your doctor before trying any remedy. If you are taken any medicine, please do not stop that medicine. Our aim is to provide you interesting and knowledgeable information. Your doctor knows better about your health and there is no alternative to their advice. Use these measures on the basis of your discretion, there is no responsibility for the site when inconvenience.

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