Most users are not aware of the 3 special features of the iPhone. Let's tell you about these wonderful features which will be very useful to the user.

Amazing 3 Features Of iPhone, Must Try Today

iPhone Features: Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Apple smartphones can be said to be a brand that has been loyal to people. Users who are running iPhones are completely unaware of many special features, present in the handset. In such a situation, an app called Shortcut is available in the iPhone, which is very useful. There are many such features available in it that will completely change your experience.

Friends, in today's article, we are going to tell you about some such features which will completely change your experience. Let's take a glance –

iPhone 3 New Features

Charging Sound Feature A new feature has come in iPhone which is very useful for you. Now whenever you put your iPhone on charging, it will announce the word 'charging'. Along with this, if your phone's battery is charged more than 90%, then it will also announce battery is fully charged. But to turn it on, you have to go to the shortcut itself. Let's know how –

Amazing 3 Features Of iPhone, Must Try Today

Here you have to select New Automation and select Charger. Now choose the option of Charger connected. Then get into action and write whatever you want to call in Speak test. Now if you want your iPhone to give an alert even when it is charged more than 90%, then for this you have to check the battery level and after coming here you have to select the level from 90 to 95% and then choose the option of Rise above. Doing this will apply both settings the next time you charge the phone.

Amazing 3 Features Of iPhone, Must Try Today

If you want the screen rotation to automatically turn on and off as soon as you open YouTube, then for this also go to New Automation and select the option of YouTube in the app. Then tap on the app and select the Open and Close option. Now coming into action, keep the orientation toggle on. Then save it. Doing so will also this apply setting.

3 Features Of iPhone

This new feature of iPhone is very cool and powerful. Through this new feature, as soon as you leave the house, your iPhone will turn on in Low Power Mode and this will save your battery. To turn on this feature, first you have to go to the Shortcut app. After this come to the automation option. Create personal automation here then click on 'Leave' and choose your home location. Then tap on Add Action and turn on Low Power Mode. By doing this, your iPhone will automatically turn on in Low Power Mode whenever you leave the house.

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