want to know about event blogging so you are in right place to learn blogging which is based on event .

 event blogging 

Event According to blogs are the blogs That Are Made and Rated In-advance for a particular upcoming event like Diwali, New year, Wedding day, etc. Such They receive Enormous Visitors to the day of This event for Their blogs organically and Lead in making Enormous Earnings only on that event day.

event blogging step by step

What is Event Blogging Or Event Niche Blog?

Event-based niche sites are the blogs are mostly focusing on an approaching event, festival, or special day.  Event blogging manual is all about taking advantage of receiving the massive quantity of visitors on goal occasion in short period.  It is not a Long-term blog you merely have to operate for 30 to 40 days.

Event blogging signifies micro niche blogging, where bloggers write on a specific topic.


when we start our event blogging there is option call event blogging script is available. Recent years people get handsome money form there by making simple php script but in 2019 the trend is changed . Now the developers are not interested to make this because people does not any interest on them and click though rates is minimized . Another reason fake scripts also cost the explanation of blogging . So avoid to make these type of scripts until you have genuine event .

How To Make Money With Event Blogging

   There are a whole lot of strategies to monetize your Event site and earn a substantial income.  Google Ad-sense and Affiliate are among the most effective strategies to monetize the event site.  You may also monetize your occasion blog in a variety of ways.

  • Google Ad-sense (Recommended)

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Info-links

  • Chitika Ad Network

  • CPA and CPI

How to Find Keyword For Event Blogging

Keyword research is an integral part of a successful event blog. Since properly, keyword study is going to do your half work. Keywords are the chief words which searched in google result.

Google Keyword Planner is just one of the best tools to find keyword for your selected event. Create a proper notepad list of keywords best hunted in google and that have less competition — useful ideas to position on google first page.

Event blogging check list 

  1. SELECTING THE DOMAIN NAME: The primary thing that you should do is to decide on a best appropriate name for your domain name.  I recommend that you take some time and research correctly.  One thing you have to know that a right domain name always gets high rankings as it serves as a Fantastic keyword and informs the search engines about your topic of the blog
  2. Setup Blog -After purchasing a domain for your event, you need to set up the best Event Blogging Guide. You can choose whether a blogger or WordPress platform .For event blog always go with blogger because it’s free and easy to blog set up in minutes. If you have a reasonable budget, then go with WordPress.
  3. Write Good Content :Now comes the articles part, I recommend that you target your primary keyword and make a long and superior article for the event site.  You're able to start posting articles for event blog nearly 30-40 days before the event and can readily get it ranked in Google.
  4. Quality Back link : Creating back link is always good . Do research before making the back-link because its improve the ranking of the site

ON-Page Seo 

  1. First You should take the domain six months before the event.
  2.  Then you start posting the content, put some spurned content which is readable.
  3.  Then Go to Keyword Planner and search for the long tail Keywords.
  4.  Collect some long tail keywords by using Keyword planner and KWfinder.
  5.  Because for short tail keywords, you have lots of competition and when you focus on building links and
  6. concerning the main keyword, then your making a mistake.
  7.  For an article, you can get more than 10-15 long tail keywords. Then sprinkle the keywords and Give interlinks for it in the first month.
  8.  Don’t do keyword stuffing in the article. When you do it, even the web page ranks temporarily. Eventually, you will lose your rankings.


  1.  Start Building Links from the Second month. Take links from low OBL websites.
  2.  Don’t Build 100’s of Spammy Links. Build Less Number of Quality Links.
  3.  Anchor Texts should be optimized well in this process. Build links to the ” Long tail keywords” which you have taken.
  4.  Take Sitewide Links, ten days before the event to sustain your rankings.
  5.  Don’t rely on a single Source. Do all type of Links: Comments, Web 2.0, Profiles, Forums et.
The most important thing that you ought to understand before starting occasion blogging is keyword research. Keyword Research will be your primary focus. Therefore try to rank your Event blog specifically low to moderate Crucial competitive word that's Great CPC (Cost Per Click) so that you can acquire the right amount of visitors from Search Engines. I'll write another blog about the way to create an Event Blog and discuss all the necessary details.

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