Even after using different products, are upper lip hairs usually gives you a feeling of embarrassment? Then with the help of these simple home remedies, say goodbye and get rid of the upper lip hair. For finding a simple solution to this problem, this article has all the answers for you.

9 Easy Ways to Rid Off Upper - Lip Hair Naturally

There is a common problem for the female to have hair on the upper lip. Hair growth on the upper lip is as common as the hair on your scalp, but in some women, this undesirable hair growth occurs due to hormonal imbalances or genetic reasons.  Although the removal of upper lip hair is a bit painful, it is very important to remove them, because the face looks soiled and dirty. Even after using various expensive products, you cannot effectively get rid of the hair of the lips as you might-have-been not getting an effective solution?

Natural Ways To Remove Upper Lip Hair Permanently:

Are you be curious to know something about the removing of the upper lip hair? Now you do not need to visit the beauty salon any longer, to get rid of your upper lip hair. Yes, this is right and thankfully, there are some natural things available in our home kitchen, which help in doing so. Nature has provided us with the various natural solutions in umpteen ways in health and beauty. Here are some gainful ways by using them, you can say goodbye to unwanted upper lip hair by applying the below mention tips which are very easy to follow in our daily routine.

Turmeric & Water

Turmeric is the best remedy to remove upper lip hair. In this upper lip hair removal technique, you only need turmeric & water. For this, mix equal parts of turmeric & water in a bowl. So that it becomes a thick paste. Then apply this paste gradually to the upper part of your lips and leave it for half an hour to dry. Once the paste gets dry, then rub it gently and wash it off with cold water. Repeat this step regularly for four weeks, and you will see the growth of new hair stops on the upper lip.

Sugar, Lemon, & Water

This is yet another good remedy for removal of your upper lip hairs. For this, you only need the juice of two lemons, water, and sugar. Squeeze two lemons and add some water and sugar to it and mix it to make a thin paste. Now apply the prepared paste on the upper lips for 15 minutes and when the paste becomes dry, then wash it with water.

Egg Whites

Egg whiteness is the answer to how to rid off the upper lip hair naturally and decrease the growth of upper lip hair. To make this paste, you can mix one spoon of flour & sugar to an egg white. Then whisk the paste well into stickiness before you apply it. After that apply this paste on the upper part of your lips. Keep this paste for at least 30 minutes. After that gently peel it off. To get good results, repeat this therapy twice a week. Within a month your hair growth will be greatly reduced.

Turmeric & Milk

Are you curious to know about the removing of upper lip hairs naturally, then turmeric is also the best way to remove upper lip hair. For this, you can mix 1 tbsp. turmeric (Haldi) with 1 tbsp. milk in a bowl and make a thin paste. Then apply the good quantity of paste on your upper lip and leave it to dry. After drying, rub it off your skin and wash it with water. Turmeric powder is used as an ingredient in beauty products. It is well known to lighten the skin therefore by using this the upper lip hair look less visible.

Precaution: In case of allergic to dairy products, then don't use milk, you can use turmeric-water paste.

Wheat Bran With Rose Water & Milk

The Wheat bran is one of the easiest and beneficial ways to get rid of upper lip hair. For this, you need 1 teaspoon rose water and one tablespoon milk and 3 teaspoons of wheat bran.  Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and turn it into a paste. Let apply the mixture on the upper lip area and when it has dried up, slowly peel off the mask and then wash the area with water. For best results, use this removal pack every 3-4 days. The use of this remedy loosens up the hair follicles and when you peeled off the mask, the upper lip hair can be easily removed.  Gradually, your upper lip hair will be removed.

Sugar & Lemon Juice

There are many uses of sugar, and one of them is also to help remove upper lip hair. The sugar removes dead skin and removes unwanted hair from the root. For this, boil a few drops of lemon juice and a big spoon of sugar in a pan until the sugar dissolves well. Then keep it to cool. Dust the face powder over your upper lip. After cooling of sugar, with the help of a spatula put the thick liquid on your upper lips. Now keep a soft dry cloth over on your upper lips area and rub theirs for a few minutes in circular movements. Then, quickly pull off the cloth strip against the direction of hair growth.

Important: You can put an ice pack on the upper lip in order to ease the pain and bring down inflammation.

Oatmeal With Lemon Juice & Honey

Mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice (as per requirement) & honey in 1 teaspoon oatmeal and prepare a paste. Keep this paste on the upper lip for 15-20 minutes. Massage in the opposite direction of hair after 20 minutes. Then clean it with lukewarm water. By using it 2-3 times a week, the hair of the upper lip will be completely cleaned.

Raw Papaya With Turmeric

Raw papaya contains an active enzyme called Papen, which helps to control hair follicles and reduces hair growth.  Take two tablespoons papaya paste and half teaspoon turmeric powder to make the pack of papaya. Massage your upper lip with this paste for 15 minutes and then wash it with water. For better results, you can repeat this paste twice a week until the hair growth on your upper lip is entirely unnoticeable.

Gram flour (Besan) Turmeric, & Curd

Applying gram flour and curd on the skin will make the skin soft and also without hair. Take a little curd for this and mix a pinch of turmeric in a spoonful of gram flour and make a paste. Then apply this paste on the upper lip until it becomes dry. After drying, scrub the paste against the direction of hair growth with light hands and wash the area with cold water. You can apply this pack every day. Applying this paste regularly will remove excess hair of the upper lip gradually.

Say Goodbye To Upper Lip Hair:

Since I have cataloged out natural ways on how to rid off upper lip hair, which one will you utilize? Write in your remarks and share your experiences and suggestions also.

Be gorgeous always!!

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