WhatsApp chief executive officer Koum is breaking ties together with his company's parent, Facebook, amid a privacy scandal that has tenacious the social network for weeks.

WhatsApp chief executive officer  Koum is breaking ties together with his company's parent, Facebook, amid a privacy scandal that has tenacious the social network for weeks.

Koum confirmed his departure from WhatsApp Mon on his Facebook page. The Washington Post rumored that Koum additionally plans to resign from Facebook's board of administrators. Facebook would not treat that report.

Facebook has been making an attempt to take away questions about whether or not it is trusty with the reams of non-public data it collects to sell ads and whether or not its social network will a lot of hurt than smart.

Koum did not elaborate on his reasons for going, different to mention it had been time to "move on" thus he may pay longer "collecting rare cool Porsches, performing on my cars and taking part in field game."

But Koum additionally could are entangled in an exceedingly rift with Facebook management over the parent company's voracious appetence for private data and WhatsApp's dedication to user privacy, in step with the Post report. WhatsApp uses coding technology that produces messages indecipherable to everybody however the sender and recipient.

WhatsApp additionally runs no ads. Facebook's huge profits, meanwhile, ar power-driven nearly entirely by advertising targeted to its users' interests.

Koum's defection may place chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg in Associate in Nursing uncomfortable position Tuesday, once he takes the stage at an organization conference. present are going to be over five,000 app computer code developers, a number of whom is also WhatsApp users.

Zuckerberg is already expected to retell a number of the apologies he is been providing within the wake of revelations that Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica, an information mining firm tied to President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, to get personal data from as several as eighty seven million of its users.

In a reply to Koum's Facebook post, Zuckerberg told him he would miss operating along.

"I'm grateful for everything you've got done to assist connect the globe, and for everything you've got tutored American state, as well as concerning coding and its ability to require power from centralised systems and place it back in people's hands," Zuckerberg wrote.

Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion (roughly Rs. 1.26 large integer crores) in 2014, tho' while not ever fashioning a transparent strategy for a way that service would build cash. Both Koum, and WhatApp's different co-founder, Brian Acton, had expressed Associate in Nursing aversion to permitting ads into their service, inflicting analysts to surprise if the acquisition would ever pay off for Facebook.

Acton left WhatsApp late last year and joined within the growing backlash against Facebook, endorsing a campaign that inspired users to delete their profiles from the social network.

But few of Facebook's a pair of.2 billion users have departed thus far, supported the audience and revenue growth the corporate rumored last week.

Koum additionally signalled years agone that he would take a stand against Facebook if the company's push to extend its profits demanded radical changes within the approach WhatsApp operates. in an exceedingly web log post written once Facebook declared the largest acquisition in its history, Koum wrote that the deal would not have happened if WhatsApp "had to compromise on the core principles that may perpetually outline our company, our vision and our product."

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