Delicious different Milkshakes

Cherry, Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate lovers!!!! Here are quick and easy milkshakes just for you. These delicious recipes of different Milkshakes are full of nutrients, good in taste & it will keep you satisfied for few hours. You can enjoy these milkshakes at any time.


Milk ½ cup
Whipped cream ½ cup
Cherry juice 2 tablespoons
Ice ½ cup
Vanilla essence 1tsp
Choco powder 1tsp
Strawberry 4-6
Honey or Sugar (optional)


Mix milk, whipped cream, cherry juice and ice in a jar and blend it till became smooth.

Apply the same procedure for the vanilla, Strawberry & chocolate milkshakes. Pour shake into glasses and serve.


Do not over blend it otherwise you will get a thin milkshake.

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