There are some good things in Cinnamon there are some disadvantages or side effects of cinnamon also.

In my previous article related to cinnamon, I already mention the advantages of cinnamon in health diseases. Although there are some good things in cinnamon there are some disadvantages or side effects of cinnamon also. Keep in mind that if you are taking cinnamon as a medicine, do not take more than 1-4 grams of cinnamon and do not take a long period.

Cinnamon removes all types of deficiency but it should not be taken without any medical advice. You know about medicinal properties of cinnamon. If you are using or eating cinnamon in a large amount of quantity then this is very harmful or dangerous for health. However, the consumption of this herbal spice is considered safe, but there may be some disadvantages of cinnamon if consumed more than it is needed or consumed in some other way. Do you know about its side effects?

Now I am telling you about the disadvantages or side effects of cinnamon through this article. 

Pregnant women should also not take cinnamon because its regular use is likely to cause contractions in the uterus, which can cause to delivery before time.

If there is any skin allergy from cinnamon, then stop taking it immediately. The cinnamon effect is very hot, so in the summer, it should not take for a longer period.

If there are any diseases related to liver, do not use cinnamon. This will further increase the liver disease.

Cassia cinnamon thin your blood, and it is good to believe in some cases but it is not true at all. Ceylon cinnamon does not thin blood like this, so if you are taking medicine to dilute the blood, then you should avoid cassia cinnamon and take Ceylon cinnamon. Excess intake of cinnamon can dilute blood. As it can raise the heart rate, therefore, evade from its taking in heart diseases.

An excessive amount of cinnamon intake can cause irritation in the stomach. The side effects of cinnamon can be seen very much in people who are suffering from abdominal ulcer problems such as gastrointestinal problems.

The excess taking of cinnamon herbal spicy food can be a cause of respiratory problems. Therefore, those who have problems related to respiratory, avoid it.

From some studies, it has been found that regularly taking an excess quantity of cinnamon is also a cause of kidney damage.

As per Ayurveda, Cinnamon has been given the status of medicine. But Ayurveda also stated that intake of more quantity of cinnamon is just like a poison.

In this post, I have given information about the loss of cinnamon intake. I hope that you will like this article.  Friends, you share this article on the social media so that more information can be sent to more people, and others can also utilize this information.

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    1. Hello,
      I love this post and you writes 100% truth about the cinnamon.
      I've started taking cinnamon with green tea to lose my extra weight but it had a negative impact on my health. My body started having huge pimples and I faced the indigestion too. So I would I aware everybody don't take cinnamon. It's really harmful.


      1. Hi Emily, I am glad you liked my article. Please do share it with your loved ones.

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