Are you searching for the best recipe for a plum cake without using alcohol this holiday season? Try this my soft Christmas Plum Cake recipe.

Most of the persons are using Alcohol in the making of Christmas Plum Cakes, I have tried to make this Plum Cake without using alcohol. So friends here I am sharing my recipe with you. The cake was very soft and moist. 

Let us take a glance at my recipe:

All Purpose Flour (Maida) 35gm
Whole wheat Flour 50gm
Oats 25gm
Baking Powder ½ tsp
Mixed Fruit (candied citrus peel, candied green papaya, Kismis, broken Kaju) Cut into pieces
Oil 50ml
Egg Yolk  1
Egg whites 2
Sugar-free Natura (0.5gm) 20 Tsp
Vanilla Essence 5ml
Spice powder (5gm) ¼ tsp
Caramel color 5ml
Warm skim milk 30ml


Add baking powder to the flours & oats and sieve.

After that cut mixed fruit, mix well & set aside. Mix the oil & the yolk of the egg well, till a well-blended.

Bubbles are formed. Gradually, add the slightly beaten egg whites and continue mixing.

Add vanilla essence, the spice powder & caramel colour.

Add the skim milk to the batter then blend it. If the batter shows signs of lumps, use hot milk, instead of lukewarm. This will raise the temperature of the batter and reverse the lumps, effect.

Mix prepared fruit, flour mixture into the batter & fold it gently.

Pour into prepared baking pan & bake at 325 degrees F (163 degrees C) for 45-50 min.

After 40 minutes, insert a knife in the center of the cake, if it comes out clean from the batter, it means that the cake is ready. Cool it down, after that serve.

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