Gauri Pujan is the celebration of worshiping Goddess Parvati celebrated by Maharashtrians. It is likewise celebrated in a couple of different places close Maharashtra.


Gauri Pujan is the celebration of worshiping Goddess Parvati celebrated by Maharashtrians. It is likewise celebrated in a couple of different places close Maharashtra. Think about the components of this celebration which makes it interesting. Upon the arrival of Gauri Pujan, all Maharashtrian women remain awake the entire night time and play customary recreations-games like Zhimma and Phugdi. Read on to discover more about how Gauri Pujan celebration is commended.

Celebrations have an exceptional significance in the life of each person. Human beings from all the religions rejoice the fairs of their own manner. One such festival is Gauri Pujan which resembles a few Hindu fairs, however, has its personal unique capabilities. Parvati mother of Lord Ganesh is otherwise called Gauri. Gauri Pujan is tied in with worshiping Goddess Parvati or Gauri.

It is celebrated chiefly in Maharashtra. It falls amid the fourth or fifth day of Ganesh Chaturthi. It is viewed as the celebration of Maharashtrian ladies. It is the main time in a year when ladies have a ball alongside their companions. This Puja is extremely notable in Maharashtra as 'Mangala Gauri'. As indicated by Hindus Mangala implies heavenly and favorable. To find out about this sacred festival read on.

Bringing Gauri Idol or Image Home

Much the same as Ganesh icon, Gauri statue is brought one day before Gauri Pujan or alongside Ganesh icon. Gauri is delivered domestically in shape of the idol or a simple photo on a paper. In Maharashtra maximum of the households carry Gauri idols but in a few villages near Maharashtra people opt to worship a photo of Goddess Gauri.  The majority of the Maharashtrians bring Gauri symbol solely amid Gauri Pujan day amid Ganesh Chaturthi. There are a few people who expedite a picture of Goddess Gauri the day of Ganesh Chaturthi itself.

It's far believed by way of most of the devotees that the holy rays pop out of the Gauri picture or idol at some stage in the duration of Gauri Pujan which places cease to sufferings. Gauri Pujan likewise conveys flourishing and prosperity to the humankind. A few people additionally adore the pictures of Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri amid Ganesh Chaturthi. This is finished with the perspective of paying admiration to the guardians of Lord Ganesh.

Dressing up Gauri

If the devotees bring idol they drape the idol with a completely satisfactory and colorful sari. The devotees also enhance the idol with the jewelry like green bangles, mangalsutra, nose-ring, necklace, and many others. Mangalsutra and green bangles are the most essential jewelry which Hindu married ladies wear. Goddess Gauri is also offered a hair band of flora known as Veni in Marathi that's worn at the on the back side hair. Devotees additionally offer garlands to Goddess Gauri.

Gauri Pujan

Gauri Pujan requires leaves and bloom of a particular plant. It additionally calls for systematic Puja to be done by means of inviting a Pujari at home. Performing Aarti is additionally essential amid Gauri Pujan. After the systematic Puja is carried out all of the women visit each other’s house to offer coconut, a chunk of fabric, flora, bananas, rice and even new saris to the idol of Goddess Gauri

All the ladies wear new saris and all the customary gems on this day. The evening of Gauri Pujan every one of the ladies assembles and sings Mangala Gauri songs. These melodies have a conventional base and mirror the way of life of Hindu wedded ladies. Guys don't participate in this capacity. This event is viewed as essential in the life of a recently wedded Maharashtrian lady as her first Mangala Gauri.

Every one of the ladies participating in Mangala Gauri event is alert the entire night and play different games. The regular recreations known as Zhimmaa and Phugadi are played amid this event. In Zhimmaa ladies applaud and sing melodies to tease each other. Phugadi is played by intersecting the two hands and holding every others hand similarly as we shake them. In the wake of clasping hands in this particular position, ladies move round in circles and sing melodies. The entire night is brimming with fun and satisfaction for the ladies.

Gauri Visarjan

Gauri Visarjan is done instantly the following day of Gauri Pujan. It is done alongside Ganesh Visarjan on the 6th or seventh day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Aarti of Gauri is performed and the Prasad of cooked rice blended with curd and cooked fenugreek leaves is offered to the Gauri icon before Gauri Visarjan. This Prasad is then disseminated among the devotees as the favors of Goddess Gauri.

The events like Gauri Pujan and Ganesh Chaturthi are significant occasions for the Maharashtrians. They have a good time it in step with the Marathi timetable. These celebrations are essential to unite families and companions. These celebrations play an important role in making the bonds of affection stronger.

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