lady luck in palmistry , how you found that u have lady luck

Today we are discussing some interesting fact about lady luck . Yes in this article me tell you some simple but auspicious indication of palmistry which is present in your hand. So lets the discussion.

1-if your fate line coming from the moon mount and your moon mount is quite well condition means its developed that good indication that u have lady luck means girl which coming in your life will support you in all matters. see the image below.

lady luck in palmistry

2-if Heart line stops on Saturn mount and one line going upwards to the same mount thats also shows the lady luck . Means people will get the success  with help of lady . See the image below

lady luck in palmistry

3- If mars have some lines and it going upward and crossing the mind line, this is another good indication of lady luck.See the image below :

lady luck in palmistry

4- On Marqury mount if you have marqury line and you mount are well developed. On the same mount some stair like line joining the marqury line. It also show the lady luck.
lady luck in palmistry

5- if you are marriage line ends between the marquery mount and sun mount then is also indicate that girl coming in your life is charming and full of romance and full support.

lady luck in palmistry

6 - Good wrist  Also indicate that girl have positive energy and she will  be supported in all cases .

lady luck in palmistry

So these are some indications of lady luck in Palm hope enjoy the reading. Share this article with your friends, Social networking. its help us to grow us and motivate to serve you better. Thanks for reading .

Abhishek Bhatnagar 

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