Online transaction is very useful. Some important tips that you can keep in mind during any online transaction.

In this advanced world of technology, many of us using online transaction which is very convenient and useful but before using online transaction we should keep some important points in our mind. Many of first-time users are not fully aware of securities. This makes them a simple victim for hackers and individuals with malevolent motive. And if u are using first time then these points really beneficial for you.

Here are some important tips that you can keep in mind during any online transaction:

Be extra cautious with public WiFi networks:

Easy and prompt access to the web through public WiFi networks like at airports, railway stations, and coffee shops attracts several users. Users ought to keep some things in mind before a link to any public local area network. One of them is to ensure you are aware the proper SSID (service set identifier) name of the WiFi network you are linking with. Any transaction made through such suspicious networks are in danger of malicious activity. It is more secure to avert WiFi networks which are not protected by any password.

Recognize secure website pages: 

Security protocols like HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) that guarantees the website’s actuality alongside user protection and transaction protection. Secured sites for the online transaction should be identified to a green sticker. Every single online exchange should occur on a site whose address starts with: https://. In case the “s” isn't mentioned, then don't trust the seller.

Utilization of One Time Password (OTP): 

One Time Password is a completely unique number which is generated for that specific dealing. This feature is very secure as compared to the 3D PIN that is applicable to all or any transactions.

Logout your Account:

Always sign off once accessing your shopping or banking accounts, after that shut your browser. Try not to permit your PC to save your usernames and passwords for shopping and banking websites.

Utilization of firewalls and anti-virus programs:

Continuously protect with the latest antivirus and firewall security programs. Scan your PC regularly and check to ensure your firewall is turned on before online shopping, paying bills, or accessing your financial balances. It's also advisable to use an ad-blocking software program.

Keep away from common passwords for a couple of transactions:

Individuals are utilizing one password for a number of transactions together with sensitive transactions. This increases the chance of getting trapped as hackers can very quickly access one password and can enter one's various accounts. Try not to utilize a similar username and passwords for all of your bank accounts. Select a strong password filled with numbers, symbols, and lowercase/uppercase letters. Always change your passwords after 2-3 months. Thus, it is suitable to own a unique password for different transactions.

Most Important:

Try not to use public WiFi when performing on the web transactions and do not use one-click or easy-pay payment choices. Ensure each transaction requires your password.

If something appears suspicious, get disconnected and close down your pc immediately. Believe your instincts.

In short, I can say that the online transaction is very useful. We don’t have to carry lots of cash in our pocket. Just follow some secure steps and all our online transaction has done safely. Meanwhile, it’s very important to keep these points in our mind so that our online transactions would be safe.

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