Kerala’s wealthy culture and history manifest itself within the sort of totally different mediums like dance, songs, food, lifestyle, martial arts, languages, festivals etc. One necessary manifestation of Kerala’s culture is its handicrafts that may be a good reflection of the straightforward and complex social lifetime of its individuals. Most of its Associate in Nursing age recent hereditary occupation practiced by individuals for generations, however, there are also several amateurs UN agency follow it for the good love of art.

Handicrafts of Kerala

There are numerous exotic handmade items which can be unique not only in their appearances but in addition to how they are created. Many items are even made from coconut shells, wood, clay, and cane. Items such as for instance Uruli (wok), Para (brass miniature of a conventional measuring vessel), Kettuvallam (rice barge), Aranmula Kannadi (metal mirror), Nettipattam (caparison for elephants), Nettoor petti (traditional jewelry box) present some of the interesting gift options to take home. Mural paintings, hay-art, alongside traditional attire of the land will also be likely to tempt you. Hand-loom attires such as for instance Kasavu sari (sari with golden brocade) produces an appealing buy and present you with something ethnic to flaunt at home. Any one can get all these items from the Culture shops of Kerala Government.

Many antique handicraft classics may be seen in Palaces, old heritage homes, museums, etc. The artists are experts in making lovely flower vases, ash trays, ornamental plates, jewel containers, miniature boats, elephants, idols, Kathakali masks, embroidery works, etc.

The ornaments, head gears and costumes for classical arts and ritual arts are completely made by artists expertise in handicrafts. They make all essential materials for Kathakali, Theyyam, Mudiyettu, Koodiyattam, etc. They use the domestically available turmeric, powdered rice, powdered leaves of Acacia etc. for making appropriate colors and mixture of colours for painting faces of performers, which is a very good example of handicrafts of Kerala.

The Brass and Bell metallic artwork: 

It is one of the renowned arts of the Kerala state. It uses of an alloy of tin, copper, and brass to create idols of mythological events just like the 'Tandava Dance'. Further more, this metal is used for making lamps and various household articles.

Coir and Cane products: 

The markets of Kerala are spilled with coir and cane products. Coir mattresses, painting decorated mats and ground furniture are fully famous. Numerous other coir and cane products are also available. Kollam and Calicut are the famous spots for buying coir products.

Ivory carving: 

It is also a traditional handicraft of Kerala. The numerous items are created from Ivory includes of mythological characters, showpieces and so on.

Lacquer ware: 

The craftsmen of Kerala are made winsome lacquer products by perfectly combining the metallic and wood craft. A huge sort of lacquer merchandise is churned out in Kerala, particularly in Ernakulam district.


Silk fabric is a must purchase in Kerala. The plain white Karaikudi saris with a gold band on the borders and the pallu are looked very elegant and beautiful. The Balaramapuram sari with natural zari border is exclusively irresistible for ladies who are fond of saris. The traditional Kathakali costumes and the Kaanjevaram saris are a couple for maximum demanded textiles from Kerala.

Sandalwood carving:

The Kerala handicrafts are also made for fragrance through crafting talents on sandal woods. There is a style of sandal wood handicrafts to be had like idols, packing containers, ashtrays and candle stand.

The enhanced demand for these products has contributed to the growth of this enterprise to an extraordinary volume. As a result, many training centers are coming where human beings are skilled to grasp this art, which off direction takes years. It might be a great memento to take back domestic to be able to be reminiscent of this lovely trip at some stage in your lifestyles.

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