Kerala is famous for its rich cultural legacy.Every festival has its own importance and is celebrated with great zeal by the people of all the castes and religions.

Festivals of Kerala

Kerala is famous for its rich cultural legacy. Besides Kerala being lands of spices, coconuts, backwaters and tea plantations also known as the land of festivals and fairs. Every festival has its own importance and is celebrated with great zeal by the people of all the castes and religions. During the celebrations, the classical music, dance and other traditional rituals come alive. People clean and decorate their homes, exchange gifts, wear new clothes, relish elaborate meals along with the loved ones, offer prayers to their deities and partake in processions, which are great shows of rhythm and culture.


The Onam celebration of Kerala is known as the state celebration. It can be recognized in the blessed month of Chingam that expands from August to The month of September. Onam is the harvest festival of Kerala, which is the most essential and mainstream celebration of Kerala. Onam is a 10-day occasion that begins on Attam and is finished up on Thiruvonam. This celebration is cheered to welcome the spirit of King Mahabali from the exterior world who visits Kerala to see that his humans are happy. The ruler was extremely enamored with his subjects thus it is trusted that he visits them, once in a year amid Onam. He is invited to each house, which is brightly lighted and is decorated attractively. A rangoli of flowers and colours is ready outside the house and a lit oil light stand is kept in its center. Human beings wear saffron color garments and the lady of the house gets ready Sadya, a special feast. Individuals visit each other's home and give good wishes to each other. For the advancement of Onam and also the culture of the state, Travel Week is celebrated mainly in Trivandrum, when several cultural programs etc are organized at the Kanakkunu Palace and similar other places. This colorful carnival also includes the very well-known Snake Vessel Race and special traditional and folk performances.


Vishu is a completely famous festival among Hindus and is well known throughout India with unique names. It’s known as Bihu in Assam, Puthandu in Tamil Nadu and Baisakhi in Punjab. Vishu is one amongst the foremost vital festivals of Kerala and is said to be the New Year for the Malayali people, primarily based on the historical (astrological) Malayalam calendar. This celebration is praised in the month of April. Vishu celebration is tied in with respecting the spring season as a New Year starts anew. The main event of the Vishu birthday celebration is the 'Kani- Kanal'. Coconuts, culmination, cereals, and Konna plants are kept in large pots to prepare Kani. Behind this pot, an image and a garlanded statue of Krishna are placed. Early morning on the Vishu day, the master of the residence perspectives the Kani, observed by way of the rest of the own family.Kids are brought blindfolded to see the Kani. The elders in the family give over money to the youngsters and bless them. According to the local beliefs, if you see Kani, good luck will stay with you until the year end.

Thissur Pooram:

Thissur Pooram is one of the magnificent and energetic temple festivals of Kerala celebrated in the Malayalam month of Medam, which generally comes in the month of April or May. This celebration was introduced by Sakthan Thampuran, the Maharaja of erstwhile Kochi state. Within the starting of April, the individuals of Kerala began their hunt for the most effective elephants within the state. Once their search is finished then they send a procession of embellished elephants to Thrissur to participate in the festivity. The main characteristic of this festival is the procession of approximately 101 embellished elephants that gather inside the premises of the Vadakumnatha temple for the competition. The procession is followed by using the Panchavadyam, where the five instruments create an enthralling crescendo of tune and the decorated groups of elephants face each other. The festival ends with a magnificent show of fireworks.

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